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I Inc is a Corporation, based in Annapolis, Maryland . This business was established on 31 May 2001 - twenty-two years ago , and its status is now "Forfeited" . According to Maryland company register this business is not in good standing.

This company registered agent is Robert K. Gardner. Mailing address of this agent is 1702 Trinity Place Annapolis Md 21401.

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Key Data

Company NameI Inc
Company StatusForfeited
Company IdD06323224
Business TypeCorporation
Type CodeOrdinary Business - Stock
Registration StateMaryland
Start Date31/05/2001


Mailing Address
1702 Trinity Place
Annapolis Md 21401
United States

GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 39° 0' 55.7" N
Longitude: 76° 33' 20.1" W
Registered Office Street Address
1702 Trinity Place
Annapolis Md 21401
United States


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